What team is managing the Office of the Auditor General?


JSS OAG was established in 2015.The office has started operating in January 2018 with the help of PREMIS beginning with audit introductory trainings, capacity injection and coaching. The Office has an AG and several interns.
Apart from Capacity injections through quarterly workshop and on job coaching in the field, PREMIS also provided us with computer equipment. PREMIS is also in the process of hiring an office, acquiring furniture and equipment, setting up a website and providing other auxiliary assistance to the JSS OAG


Mission Statement

To examine, audit and report to parliament on the management of public resources of Jubbaland through committed and motivated staff with aim of improving accountability and good governance.

Vision Statment

To be World-class audit organization that improves accountability and management of public funds.

Milestones Achieved

Jubbaland OAG has made great strides in fulfilling its mandate to the public. The office has achieved great milestones in a short time and strives to achieve more.